Thursday, August 14, 2014

Christmas ????

I am still waiting for summer to come...Christmas is the last thing on my mind!
Does this mean I should start panicking ???
Has anyone started their Christmas shopping / sewing yet ??
It seems to get earlier & earlier every year!!



  1. I've done all my Christmas shopping except for Dus and I'm going to start wrapping this afternoon. I'm seeing my dad this weekend and I won't see him again until after Christmas so I have an excuse for doing his this early. The rest is me being a bit neurotic possibly? x

  2. Oh Liz, my Dear, that is , what I am talking about since weeks!
    Christmas is coming closer and I guess, there won't be a lot more warm summer days :O(
    Well, I made my list already and I sorted out fabrics for some sewings ...better should start now ... only 19 weeks left ....LOL ..............
    Hugs and have a happy day,
    Claudia ;O)

  3. I started my Handmade Christmas gifts a couple of months ago and am slowly going down my in answer to your question it's not too early to start making a list and getting started :) Barb.

  4. Christmas already???? I don't want to think about it yet, but I must be with all the teacher's gift .... I'm panicking now LOLLL



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