Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A special bag...

my little sister was celebrating her 50th Birthday and I wanted to give her something special...but what ??
After pondering numerous finally came to me...a bag!! What else ??!!!
Not any bag but a custom made bag to carry her Henna supplies in.
My sister does Hennas...I make bags....I can't have her carrying her supplies in a plastic grocery bag ...can I ?? way !!

**I want it noted that this is the first bag I have designed myself ...there is no pattern...this was a work in process. So please don't look to close for the mistakes ...they are there...( there was no time to make a tester so this was a sewing, learning, creating process.....but I think it turned out quite well!)
The bag is made of leathers, suede, taffeta and cotton ( blood , sweat & tears !)
I originally wanted to machine embroider a Henna design on the front of the bag but when I came across these gorgeous ladies designs by Kreations by Kara ...I just knew I would have to use them...
 This is the back of the bag...a large pocket for her notebook... 
 My sister thought it would be great if the bag / tote could open flat so that she could get her supplies out easily...
 But I was concerned things could fall out if the bag didn't have I had to get it is with sides.... is it open flat...I think I solved the problem well...this is not recommend for the weak at heart is loaded with tons of pockets to hold all her supplies.
I decided to put the henna embroidery designs on the inside ... view of the insides....
I even put some feet on the bag..don't want the leather sitting on the ground

 ...keeping to a bit of tradition...I decide to use blue polka dots in the lining of the pockets.
Since I had an embroidery design left over...I decided to make a little pouch for any extra supplies...
Every woman loves a little bling-bling on her I had to add a little to the bag....

Now that you have seen the finished bag...I will bring you to the beginning, where it all started....
here is the picture my sister sent me of what her bag should look like ...
...and the supplies that had to fit in ....
Here are my drawn patterns...with notes and my attempt to attache a zipper on the side of a bag.....this cost me a few choice words!
 ...playing with the layout....
then started the fun part...sewing !!
For the most part it went well...the important thing is that I finished it and my sister loves it !

Hope you liked my first creation...It was a real learning process for me ...I will leave the designing to others and stick to testing patterns...I get more sleep that way! 
Happy 50th Birthday Peanut !! 
P.S. ...she sent me pictures of it filled...


  1. Oh liz,
    what a really nice bag!
    And with a pattern you made by yourself,,,great!
    The bag isn't only useful but so pretty. Your sister have to love it much.

  2. EXCELLENT job Liz!! Now you know why it takes ME so long to get a design to pattern completion.....LOLLLL I am quite sure my few choice words are even more 'choice' than yours! LOLLL LOVE the embroidery....of course! :)

  3. Great job! Embroided leather! Wow! So functional! A great gift. You did an amazing bag.

  4. You did a fantastic job!!!! Love all the embroidery too. Don't forget me when you need a tester in future. LOL

  5. Good morning Liz,
    this Bag is GEORGEOUS, such a wonderful and unique Birthday Bag! Well done! Your sisiter will be so happy!
    Fantastic work, my Dear!
    Happy day to you,

  6. Oh gosh, you are an awesome big sister! That's an amazing bag

  7. Wow Liz,
    this bag is stunning, you are an artist, your sister too!
    Love alle the details you build in the bag, the material you used and the embrodery, wonderful!
    You are the best sister ever!
    Liebe Grüße

  8. Was für eine wundervolle Tasche, mit so tollen Stickereien.
    LG Angelika

  9. Bravo ... it's completely stunning. Love all your choices of fabric, colors and embroidery!
    Jane @

  10. Another beautiful bag. The embroidery is just lovely. Good job Liz!

  11. Wow Liz that is a fantastic bag! Looking at it all closed up you would never even know it unzipped flat to hold all that stuff. Love those embroideries too! Your sis must have absolutely loved it!!!

  12. Liz the bag is amazing, the embroidery are gorgeous !!!!!!! and the design completely functional and the best thing your sister love it, you did a great job

  13. I don't know what to say! It is just gorgeous and you have one very lucky sister. All of you guys with your embroidery are making me want to pull out the 4 inch hoop that came with my old machine. I have only used it once. Shame on me. The embroidery is beautiful.

  14. Wow Liz, that bag looks great! Such a lot of thought has gone into getting that just right for your sister. I love the embroidery - so beautiful.

  15. It's stunning! What a wonderful custom-made bag. Don't leave off designing so quickly--if you've done it once, you might get another idea and want to try again. I really, really like the open-flat zipper...and the colors..and the fabric.... your sister is one blessed lady!

    Truly a work of art!!


  16. What a gorgeous bag, I love it. I also love the design and the embroidery, you did a beautiful job. Thanks for sharing!!! Marisa from

  17. You did such an amazing job! I think coming up with something no one else has ever made is such a thrill. You are very talented and it is just beautiful!! Great job!

  18. This is a fabulous design and I LOVE the embroidery - how was it to do and did you still need to use stabilizer? I'd never even thought about using something like that to embroider with my machine, but now I want to try it! Would love if you linked this up to the Craftastic Monday link party (I found you on the Craftastic Mixer). Then everyone can see how awesome this bag it is.

  19. Fabulous design Liz! I love making gifts for people which are exactly what they want/need!

    Your sketch is better than most of my early design sketches lol!



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