Friday, November 14, 2014

Lumberjack, eh!!??

Last Friday, the fabric market came to town and of course a few friends and I couldn't resist going.

One of the things on my "shopping list" was red /white plaid wool...I wanted to make the Ayra bag (the one I made in orange faux leather ) with it.

Unfortunately, I didn't find any red/white plaid wool but I found a red /white/ blue thick flannel ( almost like a blanket)....I was all excited ...then my girlfriend Alena saw it and said " that is butt a lumberjack shirt...yuck, toss it away" ( translated from german of course)
....I told her " I am Canadian...I like lumberjack shirts!! eh!!!

Those for you that know me...know that when you tell me not to do something, then I really do it!!...I had to prove to her that the lumberjack fabric would look good as a bag...

What do you think ???  
Ugly or cool !!

I quilted the fabric with a simple diamond grid so that the flannel would hold better to the headliner (5mm) ...Ikea cotton for the lining and I made my own faux leather handles...they were super easy to make! I will post a tutorial next week!
This is the middle size bag  .....  46 x 32 x 12cm ( 18" x 12.5" x 5" ) and it holds a lot!!!
Here you can see them both sizes for a comparison....I would say the small one is a normal handbag size...and the middle one is like those oversized bags. There also is a larger one in the pattern ( beach bag size)...for those that do carry the kitchen sink with them !

I love my Lumberjack version....besides it is nice proving a friend wrong!! 

I have had a lot of questions about this pattern since it is in german and my english speaking readers wonder if they will be able to understand it if they buy it....

-The pattern has step by step pictures (real photos) ....
-There are only 3 pieces to the outer bag ( if you place it on a fold; otherwise 4 pieces ) plus the front zipper pocket
- The lining is the same amount plus some interior pockets but you can design that as you wish.

The only problem I had was when I made the faux leather one was topstitching the upper edge ...but only where the leather tabs that hold the D-rings are was it to thick. Most home machines will have a problem at this point but if you don't topstitch over the tabs ( start & stop before & after) you will have no trouble. 
On the flannel one I had no problems top stitching, since the handles where placed on top! Hand stitching the handles on top took longer then making the bag!!

I believe if you have sewn a bag before and inserted a zipper in a will have no problem with this pattern even if it is in german....there are enough pictures to walk you thorough.

If you have any questions or problems are welcome to contact me...I will try and help you out.
Just remember ...the pattern does not include the seam allowance sure to add one..( I used 1cm) and the measurements are in metric!!


  1. Wow, eine wunderbare Holzfällertasche, ich mag sie sehr!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LG Angelika

  2. Mir gefällt die Tasche auch sehr gut.
    LG Brigitte

  3. Love it Liz. Tell your friend she was wrong!! I love this pattern and the fabrics you used make them look like 2 different style handbags.

  4. Liz the plaid bag is just beautiful! I had to laugh at your quote from your friend because I think you had a typo there, unless of course your friend was swearing, because there was an "r" missing in the word "shirt" and of course that spells a different word and has a whole different meaning, LOL!!!! Made me laugh!

  5. COOL, 100 percent cool!
    Hugs Marle

  6. Hi Liz,
    a wonderful Bag! I love the Flanell you used!
    Happy weekend to you,
    Claudia xo

  7. I love the lumber jack one it's great

    Robin in Washington State
    assweetaspeaches Hotmail

  8. Yey for plaids!!! It looks great! The fabric or material on the bag design gives it a whole different mood. This one says: "Put on your jeans and a shirt and let's go out." I see the pattern is very versatile with the different sizes. Great job!

  9. I love your "lumberjack" fabric! The bag turned out great! Enjoyed your blog (as I always do).

  10. As a Canadian I have to agree, the plaid is fantastic! :) Thanks for the info about the pattern, I think I'm going to give it a try.. I just love the shape of the bag and the zipper part is fab! :)

  11. Love your bags!! It's so cool to see you use unconventional fabrics!! You turn them into gems!!
    I am so impressed with your leather handling skills! Can't wait to see the tutorial for handles. I will file that away for a day I am brave enough to try that!
    Well done... they are beautiful bags!

  12. I don't think I would have bought the lumberjack fabric, but the bag is great - I would buy that!!!'n



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