Friday, January 23, 2015

I'm back & Freebies....

I know I have been missing in action....thanks to all that have written me privately to see if I had taken off on some exotic vacation...Wish I had!!

I have been busy testing some patterns ( can't share yet)  ...planning on how to redo my sewing room ( I need more space the fabric has taken over) .... driving my Hubby crazy with my ideas...and basically just being to lazy to write.

Its time to come out of my winter hibernation...

What better way then to let you know about three new FREE bag patterns !!!
Those words even get me out of bed!!

The first bag is "Laney Hobo Bag " by Swoon Patterns
You can download it *here*

The second bag is "The Baker Street Bag"  by Sara at Sew Sweetness
You can download it *here*

Last but not least ... is this adorable bag "Mabel Vintage Handbag" by Alicia at Swoon Sewing Patterns !
You can download it *here*

In case you have also been in a winter sleep like me..these three patterns should wake you up!
They did me!!

 Happy Sewing !


  1. Hi Liz,
    so nice you are back!
    Thank you for thoss Links to wonderful Bags :O)
    Have a happy sewing weekend ...make space in your sewing room !

  2. You know I love free bag patterns but I only slept two hours last night and it's going to take more than this to get me excited lol



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