Monday, January 26, 2015


is the newest design by DELINDA BOUTIQUES ...and I had the pleasure of testing it.

This was my first time testing a pattern for Maria Petrova and I have to admit when I first got the pattern I was unsure which fabrics to use..the possibilities were endless.
I happen to have a couple girlfriends here that day and you should of seen my sewing room as we were putting fabrics together...One was wild animal prints, the other was shades of browns, then shades of orange the end I went with these colors ( I had just bought the burgundy colored suede and wanted to use burgundy & grays won!)
I have to warn you ...this is a BIG bag!! ...44cm W x  41H x 7.5 D ( 17.5" W x 16"H x 3" D) ...measurements are without handles
This is one of the biggest totes I have first I was overwhelmed by the size but it quickly grew on me..I discovered sometimes a girl needs a BIG bag....especially if its as stylish as this one....and not everyone is short like me, there are a lot of tall women that would love this size of a bag...but if the size is to big for you ....don't fret...the great part is that you can easily print the pattern at 80% or 90% and it will still sew up beautifully !

I really liked the shape of it and once I got over the size, I started having some fun making it...on the front, I used different fabrics ( cotton, upholstery & faux leathers) ..some lace, buttons & buckles were added...
I couldn't leave the back plain...faux leather is perfect for machine a design was added and a few scraps of suede were perfect for the accents ( nothing goes to waste here!)
I love line sticking on faux leather...
Doesn't this remind you of the game " pick up sticks" ??
There is also a cool hidden pocket on the back....
I love that shape of the gusset... it creates a point...stylish !
Since I used faux leather for the handles...I made them the way I showed you in tutorial #2 ..this reduces a lot of bulk--and I think it looks nice with all the stitching .....
Last be not least...the inside has tons of room....with big pockets to help you find your keys.
(does anyone recognize the lining fabric?? Those are sheets I bought on sale at Ikea..I ironed interfacing to make it thicker ...and viola .... perfect lining 
....the pattern is easy to follow...TONS of pictures !! have a choice of a top zipper closure or magnet
... if zippers scare you, you and leave it off on the backside and still have a beautiful tote ( perfect of   confident beginners)
...the bag is big but can easily be printed smaller...truly one size fits all! can mix all kinds of fabrics together and use up some scraps!

If you would like to make your own Rosanna can get your pattern *here* 

Happy Sewing !


  1. Die Details sind der HAMMER!!!, liebe Liz- was für eine schöne, edle Tasche- so ganz anders als "Stoffbeutel"... ? :))
    Liebe Grüße von Angela

  2. Hi Liz,
    such a wonderful Bag! I like it!
    Have a happy sewing week,

  3. Deine Tasche ist ein Traum !!!

  4. I love the way you played with pieces of materials and notions to create interest. The embroidery and the "sticks" were great ideas too. You should do that more often. Beautiful and Unique!

  5. Great tote. Love all your added details and embellishments.

  6. Great tote. Love all your added details and embellishments.

  7. Hallo Liz,

    deine Tasche sieht wunderschön aus...die Form gefällt mir auch super !

    LG Klaudia

  8. Another gorgeous bag, and I love love LOVE the stamp fabric

  9. Stunning bag !!! so many details I love it



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