Saturday, March 21, 2015

Liliane Buckled Hobo Bag...

I have been dieing to show you this bag ! 
I am not very good at keeping secrets and it has been killing me ...
....finally I can show you the newest pattern by Maria at Delinda Boutique!

Here is Liliane....isn't she pretty !!!
I love this bag..I love everything about it ...the shape, the style & my pretty buckle. But most of all I love that it was fast & easy to sew .....the instructions are clearly written with tons of pictures! (which you know I love) The hardest part is deciding on which fabric to use since the possibilities are endless. This is not a small bag but its not huge (18 inches (46 cm) across the widest part, 12 inches (30cm) across the narrowest part and 14 inches (36 cm) high) 

When I got the pattern to test, my first reaction was...where am I going to find a nice buckle ?? Then Maria told me she used a buckle from a belt ...simple & brilliant!

After checking my Hubbys belts ( his are all boring) I stopped into a second hand store and found a belt with this buckle on it.  You should of heard my cries of joy in the store. I just cut the belt part off & removed the middle thingie ...the perfect buckle for my bag!
One of the things that I love about this pattern is that it is can use any fabric for of the bags that Maria made ( the gray one), she used one of her husbands sweaters for the front pocket ( my hubby doesn't have any sweaters but I am keeping my eyes open in the second hand shop) ... if you have any old sweaters you don't know what to do with...this is the perfect project for them.
If your like me and don't have a sweater to sacrifice ...don't worry ...any fabric will work. I used some kind of embroidered stretch denim fabric (I saw it & liked it...didn't care what it was made of) ...the charcoal fabric is a suiting fabric and the lining is some crazy outdoor fabric.
As you see I break all kinds of rules...if I like it I used it!
...the bag closes with a magnet that is hidden under the buckle tab part...if you can't find a buckle can always use a pretty brooch or make a fabric bow or just a loop.
The front has a beautiful pleated pocket that is accessible from both sides... great for dropping your keys into.
The back is also pleated the classy look.
I also just love how the handle strap creates an pretty V it, love it, love it!
The inside has a zippered pocket ... Maria instructions include a professional way of making the zippered pocket, it has a few more steps then the way I know but I like the finish better.
Since it is difficult to photograph the inside of the bag...I turned it inside out so you could see it better...
... there is also a slip pocket ( I raw edged appliquéd a piece of the outer fabric on it ..when I was done I realized it looks like an alien ! Guess he can live in my bag!
I have to admit I had a lot of fun sewing this went together quickly & easily. 
I like the pattern so much I want to make another one...maybe out of denim ...or faux leather ??? To many possibilities !!
Hope you liked my new bag ??

If you'd like to make you can find the pattern on Craftsy *here* or Etsy *here*
Happy Sewing !
P.S: ...sometimes the Gods smile down on me...this is my spool at the end of sewing the bag !


  1. Don't you just love it when the thread lasts for the whole project?? Lovely bag - one of those simple yet elegant designs. Your choice of fabric (even if you break rules) is wonderful!

  2. Very pretty! I love the look of hobo bags! Great job!

  3. Your bag turned out great, Liz. It is so pretty. And that buckle was just perfect.

  4. Great results as usual! The buckle is so cool. Your fabric choices were very elegant. This bag design allows for many opportunities of looks. About the thread, you are a lucky girl!!

  5. Dear Liz,
    this ist a very pretty bag! And a good idea is the buckle from a belt

  6. The first thing I noticed was that great buckle and then you told the story behind it. Great looking bag.

  7. I agree with all other comments! But I like also so much the interior of the bag - could be used for a pattern for another very simple but pretty bag! Thank you, Liz!

  8. Fantastic. you've made a gorgeous bag, I love it! The closure is great. It looks so stylish. Your little alien friend is cute too. I didn't notice it looked like an alien until you pointed it out but I totally see it now. Great job.

  9. Eine supertolle elegante Tasche.
    LG Evi

  10. Great blog! Love your version of this bag.

  11. Great blog! Love your version of this bag.



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