Thursday, April 30, 2015

Campfire Messenger Bag...

When I think of Campfires I think of denim & red check ...don't ask me why ..must be my early hippy days ??

So I decided to go with those colors for the Campfire Messenger Bag ( pattern by Noodlehead for March - Bag of the Month club )

(Machine Embroidery design is Official Rubber Stamps by Kreations by Kara)

The pattern is loaded with pockets...I especially like these folded ones on the front. I did topstitch along the folded edges so that the denim kept its crisp shape.
On the back is also a large drop in pocket
Inside are a few more slip pockets
This is not a very wide bag ...only 2.5" wide ...actually I find it a bit thin for a messenger bag but then again with all the other pockets you may not need a wider bag.?
The top closes with a recessed zipper or you can leave it open...I went for the zipper version.
 The bag was fun to sew, if I made it again I wouldn't use the snaps on the tabs I find it a bit of a pain to open & close but I think it looks cool ! ....I'd use Velcro or thumb catches like Marilyn of Shades of Bold did.
When my Hubby saw the finished bag...the first things he said was..."Why didn't you use the thumb catches, they'd be perfect for this bag?" ( don't you hate it when your Hubby is smarter then you are !?) Next time!
The bag went together fairly easily .... I would call it a normal size bag ( 9.5" x 11" x 2.5")
It was fun to sew, the instructions were well written, I only made a couple little changes.
I used denim for the exterior, cotton for interior, faux leather for tabs & straps but I only made them the double thickness not the 4 fold like in the instructions..the faux leather would of been way to thick to sew. I also used a 3mm headliner for the batting( just on the front & back). on to making Februarys bag ! 

Happy Sewing !
** I have linked up with RUMS #18/15


  1. Liz, I so love this bag. The colors are great.(a denim bag has to be in my future). The embroidery design is perfect. Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for February's bag. Thanks for the shout out.

  2. Hi Liz, eine tolle Tasche hast du mal wieder genäht ... die Farben passen so gut und der "Stempel " ist das i-Tüpfelchen.
    Liebe Grüße, Christa

  3. I finally joined the bag of the month club!! Yay!! I'm excited to try this bag. You always have such good tips and comments. I'll be sure to come back to see your comments on all the bags before I try them (if I ever HAVE a chance!).

  4. Forgot to say...YOUR BAG IS BEAUTIFUL!!

  5. My preference for messenger bags is to leave off closures as I rarely engage the fasteners. However, I like the snap detailing in front. May have to work that detail into my next bag. Love the red accents on denim. Great bag.

  6. Denim and red look great. Your embroidery is always a great addition to your bags. I actually kept the first Campfire Messenger Bag I made and gave another to one of my sisters. I love it. About the snaps I understand what you say but I love the look enough as to use them anyway. I'm using the bag now for my trip to the US.

  7. I love it, too--it would be a great summer bag here in the U.S.--it could be called a "firecracker" (or fireworks) bag; It's just simply a very fun design! Great work! :)


  8. Hi Liz,
    this Bag is great!
    Happy long weekend to you!

  9. Liz I love it, This bag is so pretty, I love the denim and red together and the embroidery is just perfect

  10. Wow, your bag inspired me! I haven't made this one yet, but I now have fabric picked out. I absolutely love your version! Great sewmanship and creativity!

  11. Great bag, I'm off to follow the embroidery link x

  12. Hi, the bag is great. I made my jeans and red combination a a few day earlier.
    I like the idea thet so many people lov this combination. If you had time you can look my bag:



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