Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Manhattan bag ...

is a wonderful pattern Janelle of Emmaline Bags designed for the "Bag Of the Month" Club. This is April's bag and I am pleased that I got it actually done in April !! I  am behind on the Feb. & March's bags but I'm working on it.

When I first saw the pattern I was a bit leery of the round zipper. I have never sewn a round zipper. Was it going to be easy or cause me gray hairs. I am happy to say it was easy gray hairs!! Actually, it was way easier then I expected. I should of know since Janelle's patterns are well written & tested ( even if I don't test for her ...I'll have to work on that..:LOL ...I still love her patterns )

Here is my version of The Manhattan bag....
 ( embroidery design is by Urban Threads - Stylish Swirls )
I used a charcoal gray faux leather, purple leather for accents & cotton for the lining. I didn't add any headliner or batting to the exterior, but I thought the bag might need a bit of structure so I ironed-on H630 to the lining fabric. Iron-ons & I don't agree...for some reason I get a light cellulite effect on the fabric ( I don't know what I do wrong??)...good thing its on the inside so its not as noticeable.

This faux leather was such a pleasure to sew...I did't even use my teflon foot. I even got fancy & topstitched the side seams...I love the look but I can't do that with all faux leather. ( not all play nice)
The front has a drop in pocket ....drop your cell phone / keys in there!
and the flap is also a cool is that ???
The back of the bag has a zippered pocket...
The interior has a slip pocket ( you could also add a zippered pocket, which I didn't do since I thought 2 zippers were enough..wrong! )  ... after I was done making the bag,  I decided since the bag is a good size I need a divider in it
.....yes, I opened the lining up again & added a divider...Isn't that better ??
The pattern also includes a eye glass case that attaches to the inside of the flap pocket but I forgot to add the velcro to the inner side of the flap ( no I wasn't going to open it up again) so I decided my eye case was just going to go inside my bag
*this embroidery design was a freebie I got somewhere ?
* for the eye glass case I spray basted a 3mm headliner to the faux worked great..I will try that next time on the exterior)
I love this was fun & easier to do then expected. The instructions are well written, filled with great diagrams...a pleasure to sew! Also the pattern comes in two sizes...Miss & Mama..this is the Mama. If you don't belong to the Bag of the Month club...then you'll have to wait it'll July for the pattern to be released ( or you can join up now)
Be sure to pop over to  Janelle's Blog...and check out all the testers bags, it is worth  a look...lots of beautiful examples!

Happy Sewing !!
** Info ...I don't use leather needles...I used a Schmetz Universal #90 needle, a 70 wt thread, topstitch stitch length set to 4.0 ..

*** I've also linked-up with ...TT - Taschen und Täschchen


  1. Wow, that is so impressive; faux leather top-stitching AND machine embroidery AND a divider AND those colours!

  2. Oh my goodness! This bag awesome and you did an AWESOME job! I think I might have to join the club just to get this pattern!! :)

  3. Wow! You did a fabulous job. Gray and purple look great together. And the embroidery looks great. The divider was a great idea. You always manage to make very special bags.

  4. Gorgeous! Darn girl, you made my pattern look good ;) Love the lining you chose too, it's perfect. The eyeglasses case turned out AWESOME too!! Love!

  5. Beautiful bag Liz. I have some light gray faux leather and was wondering how this bag might look using it, so I am glad you made yours so I can see how great it looks. Love your purple accent and embroidery.

  6. Der Style, die Verarbeitung, die Farben … alles perfekt!!
    Liebe Grüße

  7. Just AWESOME, dear Liz :O)))
    Happy evening to you,
    Claudia xo

  8. This is gorgeous!! I can't wait until I get a chance to do mine, but I'm too chicken to try the leather for an entire bag, maybe someday soon!

  9. This looks great! You did a brilliant job on the faux leather. I love the embroidery too. If the interfacing you use is lofty like a fleece then try fusing it on from the fabric side instead.

  10. Your bag is spectacular. Love the faux leathrs and the inspired me to try a simple embroidery on the faux leather Lombard Street Bag I am currently working on. Stitched beautifully...just did a simple outline design. The only fusible interfacing that I use and get the results I like (no bubbles) is the woven one -- Pellon SF 101. The other ones all bubble on me and I have tried everything! So I can commiserate. Have a blessed day!

  11. Hallo Liz,
    das ist wieder ein fantastisches Modell.

  12. oops - habe eben kommentiert und beim preview ist dann mein Kommentar verschwunden?
    Liebe Liz, sollte der vorherige irgendwo bei dir auftauchen, sei so gut und lösche einen der beiden, danke.
    Ich bewundere schon seit längerem deine tollen selbstgenähten Taschen und diese ist auch wieder der Hammer. Außerdem beglückwünsche ich dich zu deinem glücklichen Händchen, deine Farb- und Materialkombis sind immer sehr gelungen und elegant.Wo hast du dieses wunderbare Kunstleder gekauft, es sieht wirklich sehr echt aus.
    Happy Sewing

  13. That's fab! I'm fascinated by the embroidery- I would never think to try it as I would expect it to perforate- I'll have a go now!!!

  14. Wow, Liz, du hast dich wieder mal selbst übertroffen. Die Tasche ist super und richtig professionell verarbeitet. Phantastisch.



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