Tuesday, September 22, 2015

50 Shades of purple...

at least thats what the ladies at ChrisWDesigns Facebook page are calling this bag!
I have been wanting to make this bag for a while but could never decide on what color...then one day it hit me...go wild...purple faux leather!! ....I didn't have a purple bag yet...it was time!

I had two purple faux leather so I decided to use the faux Ostrich for the front pocket & the plain one of the rest....50 shades of purple was born ! Actually it is only 4 but who am I to argue with a FB group ??

 The front & back both have big pockets 
 .... the interior has a divider pocket & slip pockets on each side....I made them out of the faux leather from the exterior......and polka dot lining for fun!
No 50 shades of purple would be complete with out some rivets....
 ...and a few studs ! 
At first I was worried it might be hard to sew because of all the faux leather but to my surprise it was easier then expected. As always Christine's patterns are so loaded with instructions & pictures that anyone could sew them ...especially if they read (which I forget to do sometimes and have to ask her stupid questions !LOL)
This was fun bag to sew...other then the rivets giving me trouble ( rivets hate me) I am pleased with the outcome.

The pattern is actually called Snazzy Slouch..by ChrisWDesigns
This is the picture I posted on the FB group that got everyone calling it 50 shades of purple...they thought I was sewing a corset...no its this bag!
from that to this......
If you'd like to make your own Snazzy Slouch...you can get the pattern *HERE
Happy Sewing,
***I'm Linking up with creadienstag TT- Taschen und Taeschschen
  • Faux leathers for exteriors 
  • No interfacing
  • 5mm headliner only on the bottom half of the bag, the top gusset is suppose to stay "slouchy"...hence the name! 
  • cotton interior 


  1. Hi Liz,
    a wonderful pattern, but .... not really my colour for a bag *LOL*
    But, the kind of bag is really great!
    Happy evening,

    1. schon wieder so ein tolles Teil.



  2. Oh Liz I found you. Hope you are doing fine.

  3. Which sewing machine do you use for faux leather? I see you bought a Pfaff Performance 5.0 (The Black Beauty) but I can see another one in your re-modelled sewing room (and it's not the vintage Singer!)

  4. This one came out stunning! I look be the purples! I have my first Snazzy cutout, but needed to set it aside while I do a test and a sew along. Really love yours!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.



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