Saturday, September 12, 2015

Layla ....

Just like the lyrics in Eric Clapton's song...this Layla will also have you on your knees wanting you to make more !!
This pattern is so cool that you can't just make one!!
I made two & if I had more handles I would of kept making them in all colors & is so addicting ! I dont think there is a fabric that wouldn't look good in it...if you don't believe me...check out the other testers versions !! AWESOME!!!

Whether you are going out to a special dinner or event...or you just want to feel special everyday...this bag is for you !
I decided to make one in black/ tan faux leather with black handles for those special dinners...
...the inside is bigger then you think because of the wide gusset...
...I had to have little feet so it wouldn't sit on the ground ...
You can carry it by the handles ( which are super easy to put in)
....or add the strap got me on my knees....

ooops , now I can't get that song out of my head!!

On to the second Layla....
...this is a thick upholstery fabric (that gave me nothing but trouble) ....& the kind of faux leather I tell you to avoid...this Layla brought me to my knees but for the wrong reasons...wrong materials!! 
but in the end I succeeded (kind of) !!!

I won't tell you this is an easy pattern...but I won't say it is difficult...its in the middle.
The instructions are well written, with lots of diagrams...Sarah, along with her wonderful testers made sure you would have no problems sewing the end you'll be saying to yourself...
.....WOW! I can't believe I made that !!!

Sarah of Cozy Nest Designs out did herself with this design !!!
I just loooooove this bag!!! will too !!!
You can get the pattern *here* & the handles *here* !!!
Be sure to check out all the other testers bags....their gorgeous!!!

Happy Sewing !!

  • Black/ tan faux leather
  • Black faux leather, handles & straps
  • 5mm headliner
  • Decorator fabric for lining

  • Rose version...
  • Super thick uphostery fabric ( not advisable)
  • Burnt orange faux leather for handles & strap ...
  •  3mm Headliner
  • Cotton for lining

****I have linked up with TT- Taschen & Täschenschen


  1. Wow, Liz--these are amazing bags--that handle hardware is so impressive and really makes a statement. Your work is a feast for the eyes! I can see where that style would be addicting to make!!

  2. Very professional and great choice of fabrics!

  3. Wiedermal ganz wundervolle Taschen von dir.



  4. Love it, love it, love it! Layla is such a special bag and it does look great in everything.

  5. Great looking bag and yes when I read Layla, the song popped into my head before I even started to read your post, lol!! Lovely fabric choices on both Laylas.

  6. I know you struggled with that thick rose fabric but you sure can't tell! You are a talent, my friend! Thanks for the great post, kind words and being on my team!



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