Thursday, November 19, 2015

Appaloosa Bag....

is the newest pattern by Sara of Sew Sweetness.

When Sara sent me the pattern for testing, I knew right away I wanted to make it out of this bronzy-gold faux leather I that it didn't look boring I had to add a bit of machine embroidery to it. 
 This is a medium sized bag ....10.75" W x 7.5" H x 4" D... has a magnet front closure but I used a thumb lock instead since I want more bling. It has an adjustable strap ( perfect for cross body wearing). 
I like the design...simple but still fancy.
The bag has a cool front accordion pocket with a divider in it.
The interior also has a zipper pocket ( optional)  
The sides are a bit triangle...which gives it a nice shape.

I really liked how the according pockets sewed together ...easier then I expected but I would not recommend using faux leather for the whole bag if your a beginner...when the bottom is set...there are a lot of layers coming together...not for the weak of heart! ..I even changed to a larger Schmetz Jeans #110 needle which I rarely do but even I know when not to tempt fate !
Since I like to live dangerously...I tested my limits...8 layers of faux leathers is it!

I wish you could see how pretty the machine embroidered feathers are. I stitched them with gold metallic thread ( use a metallic needle in your embroidery machine and you'll have no problem with the thread breaking) ...the embroidery design is by Urban Threads  
As all of Sara's is well written, with lots of pictures and instructions.
I would classify this as an Intermediate pattern ( or a super duper confidant beginner !! ) 
I think this pattern would look great in all kinds of fabrics..if you don't believe me ,...check out the other testers fabulous versions! 

Happy Sewing !!!

P.S: ....I even followed my own tutorial on sewing these handles...

****I'll be linking' up with TT-Taschen & Täschchen & RUMS

  • faux leather for the exterior
  • decorater weight cotton for the lining
  • due to the thickness of the above fabric I didn't use any interfacing 
  • 5mm headliner for batting


  1. Beautiful job Liz. I have a new machine & I would like to test its limits, and this bag might be it!

  2. Your version is gorgeous! Love the use of faux leather and embroidery. And you are a brave lady with all those layers.

  3. The bag queen makes another gorgeous bag!!!

  4. Great bag Liz, you made a rather plain pattern look sumptuous

  5. This is gorgeous! So professional and lovely feathers :)

  6. This is gorgeous! So professional and lovely feathers :)

  7. OMG! I neeeeed this! :D You done realy realy nice on this bag! And 8 layers faux leather? I think my machine wouldn't like that so much neither *g*
    The feathers are realy beautiful to, once again I wish I got a stitching machine...

  8. woah, I'd take this bag in an instant, it's soo nice!
    love the feathers and the lining is also perfect!

    kind regards

  9. So beautiful, Liz. This bag is amazing and I love that thumb latch. Very fancy!

  10. Not having seen the pattern, I wonder if you ended the pocket 1/2" up to keep it out of the bottom seam - would that alleviate the bulk?
    Looks awesome with feather embroidery. Great place to personalize this purse.

  11. Beautifully done. Live the embroidery on the faux leather.

  12. Beautifully done. Live the embroidery on the faux leather.



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