Saturday, January 9, 2016

Up, Up & Away....

I am sorry I have been gone for a while..... hope you all had a good start in the New Year.
....Mine has been busy ...I finally finished writing my first pattern!

A customer had asked for a wallet of sorts, to put her passports,& tickets in while traveling..she wanted it to hold at least 4 passports, size, color design was up to me... she wanted something nicer than the zip lock bag she carried them in!!

I started designing what I would like...
This is what I came up with !
She loved it so much that she ordered 4 more to give as Christmas gifts.
The inside has 6 slots of passports & boarding cards & a cool pockets for tags or credit cards.

You know I love sewing with faux, I started thinking that this would be a great little project to get others (you) to try also sewing with faux leather...a pattern was born! 

This is a fast & easy project, perfect for a confident beginners or someone that wants to try sewing faux leather, without taking on a big project.
The instructions are for using faux leather for the exterior ( with some tips & tricks) but cotton can also be used.
The wallet is made with a velcro closure but a snap, magnet or thumb lock can also be substituted.

So, I am very proud to announce...
Up, Up & Away, Family Passport Wallet 
is available for sale at Craftsy
It will be on sale for $3.95 till Monday..then $5.95 
Grab your copy *HERE* 
 and book your next vacation!!

Here are a few examples of the wallets my testers made.....they made them out of everything from cotton, suede, cork, Kraft Tex & faux leather !
Are these not awesome!!
( my testers told me that they were so much fun to sew that they had to make more than one!
...I think these would be great to sell at craft fairs!)

Hope you like it ??
Happy Sewing !!
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  1. Fine blog! Great pattern. Thanks for letting me be one of your testers. Onward and upward from here!!!

  2. Queen Liz III ..........this has been a a triumph, thank you so much for letting me be part of this, I've loved every MOMENT (see on words???) I hope you will consider me when you create your next amazing pattern to test again........a star has definitely been born today! well done you! what a great team we all make!

  3. wow, das sind wieder ganz wundeervolle werke, liebe liz. ich habe da etliches versäumt... :-(
    wenn ich so ein fertiges täschen käuflich erwerben will, wie muss ich das anstellen? mail an dich...?
    bis dann und glg

  4. I was so honored to be a tester for Liz as I have admired her many bags that she has sewn. This pattern was a fun easy sew and so functional for those that travel. No more elastic Liz you truly knocked it out of the park on this one and now can not wait for your next pattern.

  5. Go girl, congratulations, what a success.

  6. fab wallet love it, hoping to making the 2 passport version soon

  7. I love this pattern! I have 4 kids and it is always challenging to keep passports and boarding passes organized when we travel. This is something I want to include in my to sew list :-)

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