Friday, April 1, 2016

I shall NOT buy any fabric for 1 month!!

This is NOT an April Fools joke....

I am trying to putting away all the fabrics I bought (got) in the UK and my cupboards are bursting ! !
There is no more room!! 
I admit it !! 
This fabric collecting has gotten out of hand!!
I have to stop!!
Someone stop me!!
This is a cry for help!!
I can't sew as fast as they are multiplying !!
It seems the more I sew the more fabrics appears in my room..
...its not me...its my room...its a magic room??!!
Fabric just appears in here !! 

How do you all keep your fabrics shopping under control ?? 
Does anyone have it under control ??
I am officially admitting I don't have it under control!!!
If I had only know 45 years ago that that little piece of fabric I needed to make Barbie a dress with would end up creating this addiction! I would of let Barbie go naked! !LOL

I wonder if I can fit another cupboard in my room ?? 

Happy Sewing,


  1. Oh Liz I hear you!!! Since I quilt too, I do use up a lot, but I swear the scraps even multiply like rabbits when I am not looking! I try not to buy anymore, but sometimes a sale is too good to pass up, especially with fabrics here in the states costing $12-14 yard now. 25+ years ago fabric was $4-8 on average, so I look at my fabric collection like money in the bank and it has earned a higher interest than if I really had left that money in the bank. I have some fabric still from my mom's quilt shop from the mid-70's! Of course Mom sent that to me a few years ago when she was trying to clean out a few things. So Liz shop at home and stay away from those crack-fabric dealers in stores and online!!! They know we are addicts.

  2. We thank you for supporting our economy!!!

  3. ALWAYS we need a piece of fabric that is not in our stash!!! It's true!!! 😛



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