Saturday, May 21, 2016


... is my first handbag design and I love her ...hope you will too !! 
The unique thing about Eve is that there are no side seams and she comes in two versions, #1 with a zipper top or #2 with a stylish get to decide.

This is what I call a proper handbag, is 10 1/2" H x 14 1/4" W x 5" D 
My 13"  MacBook Air fits in there without a problem.
The interior has a couple slip pockets & a zipper pocket with the fancy overlay.
Whether you choose to make it completely in faux leather, use an accent fabric in the middle or maybe even embroider a create it into your favourite handbag.

Instructions are geared at sewing with faux leather but decorator fabrics, denim or cotton can also be used.
The PDF pattern consists of 50 pages... with over 100 pictures.!!!
This is an intermediate pattern but it is not difficult if you follow the instructions. I had a couple of confident beginners on my testing team and they had no problems.
I've incorporated a few new techniques, so you will have to read the instructions as you go along ..not just look at the pictures (what I am famous for doing !)

Eve ....can be found in my Craftsy shop is on sale for $7.95 for 48hrs. (reg. price of $9.95)

The other exciting news I have is.... 
....  Emmaline Bags will be stocking hardware kits for stop shopping !! 
If you would like to get the metal trim or any other Bling bling !! can find it here...

Enough info .... time to show you the many faces of Eve !….these are the beautiful samples the testers made...Since I love them all..I am listen them alphabetically :-)

Barbara decided to make it on denim & cotton...she even added piping to the flap !! 
Bernice is a beginner to bag making but you would never know it the way she jumped in with both feet...not only did she make this gorgeous faux leather & cotton version...
she also made one all in cottons...just to see how it would look! Way to go Bernice!! 
Cathy, a newbie to the tesing world, wanted to go out & buy some special fabrics for this project...she fell & hurt her she had to "use what she had at home" ! I wish my stash fabrics coordinated so well!!
Christine of Bags of Style loves to sew and she is fast ( the energizer bunny can't keep up with her!)  ....she didn't make 1 ...she made 6 !! I'm not showing you the 5 & 6 since they are a you have to till we do hacks on Eve !
with gold zippers in the seams!! 
 floral with trim
Harris Tweed & faux leather
here she pleated the faux leather herself...just to see if it could be done!!...crazy lady!!LOL

Crystal of The Cloth Albatross made this awesome Harry Potter version...Hermione would be thrilled to carry this purse!

Daryl of Patchouli Moon Studio ..made this lovely plaid & Paris fabrics.

Gwen of GML Designs finally overcame her fear of faux leather and knocked this right out of the park..MK watch out!! She used the oval bag trim ...looks great !

Judy of HoboBunny used a lovely Tula Pink fabric for the center panel...I am sure Tula would love this!!
Laura also decided to use an different accent fabric on each side of the center....doesn't the lion & zebra look great!

Margaret of MaggieMadeBags used 3 fabrics and produced a beautiful bag!! Love those colors

Marilyn of Shades of Bold always produces amazing bags but this one is one of my favorites ....a beautiful Shades of Purple...
she enjoyed the pattern so much she also made zipper version...amazing how different the same pattern can look!
Pamela of Bag A Vaughan made this stunning zipper version in suedes & cotton !! 
if that was no enough...she made this amazing flap version...yes there is a flap there !! Have you every send such perfect fussy cutting !!??
Sandy of Crazy'boutqutilts was pleased with all the new things she learned. The pattern was full of "firsts" for her and she made a beautiful bag...look at that piping!

Shannon of Stiffchick decided to change it up a bit and pre-quilted the fabrics & placed the straps on the side...this is the 2nd bag she has her made!

A big thank you to all the testers !! You ladies did an awesome job!! 
Take a bow!!

Now that you have seen the many faces of Eve maybe you would like to make you own...
Hop on over to Craftsy and grab a copy of the pattern !

Happy Sewing !!


  1. I love all the tester versions! I just made a blog post showing more of my bag~ I love it! Thank you Liz!

  2. Didn't we do well???? all so different, yet all beautiful!

  3. What a great bag!! All the testers did wonderful versions; including the beginners (you could never tell). It's Monday and today is that I learned about this great pattern. Congratulations!!



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