Friday, April 28, 2017

Faux Leather Zipper Overlay...Tutorial

I love adding a faux leather overlay to me zippers, especially in the lining makes me feel soooo special.

( Interior of Eve Handbag)
(Interior of Fine & Dandy Pouch)

Since I want you to feel special too, I am showing you how I do mine.
( these instructions are from my Eve pattern, please adjust the measurement to your needs).

Interior Zipper Pocket with Overlay
  1. Press the bottom of one long edge 1/2” towards WS ( Wrong Side) of Zipper pocket. Repeat on the other Zipper Pocket piece. 
  2. On the WS (Wrong Side) of one of the Zipper pocket pieces, draw a rectangle, centered, 3/8“W x 8”L, 1” down from the top side ( 12” side). Then draw a second line through the middle of the rectangle stopping 1/2” away from each end drawing a line to the corner creating a triangle.
  3. Lay this piece on top of one Lining piece RST (Right Sides Together), centered & 1 1/4” down from top edge. Pin in place. Stitch on the outer drawn line.
  4. Cut on the center line, taking care in the corners. Carefully clip to the corners without clipping your threads.
  5. Pull Pocket Lining piece through the opening to the other side. Press it nice & flat.
  6. Place a small bead of FabriTac or double-stick tape on the RS (Right Side) of the outer edge of your zipper.
  7. With your lining piece RSU (Right Side Up), center the zipper from the back side of the opening. 
  8. Stitch approx. 1/4” around zipper opening edge. You don't have to be perfect since it will be covered. Trim the zipper length to approx. 1/2“ past the stitching.
  9. Using one of the pattern pieces ( Link found below) or measurements, cut your Overlay out of faux leather.  You can change the shape of the ends, make them straight or decide!
  10. Apply a little FabriTac glue ( or double-stick tape) to the WS ( Wrong Side) of the Overlay. Place it over your zipper area.
    ** TIPI like to mark my stitching line with chalk on the outer point edges, this helps me see where to stop at the corner and pivot.
  11. Increase your stitch length to 4.0 - 4.5. Using a zipper foot, stitch along both the outer and inner edges of the Overlay.
  12. Pull your thread tails to the back & tie them off. Voilà !!  Isn't that pretty!
  13. Continue following the rest of the pattern instructions. You can find the pattern Eve "here*.

Hope this tutorial helps you make some of your zippers special.
You can find the pattern to the overlays "here" and 
more of my patterns on Craftsy.

*A pdf version of these instruction is available for my Facebook members in file section. 


  1. Thank you so much Liz for sharing this tutorial!!

  2. After adding glu to the zipper and fix it to the lining u can glu the leather piece and put it on lining and stitch it on time not 2



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